Minimal Homepage of pstree


   This is pstree V 2.38. It is a small program that shows the ps
   listing as a tree (as the name implies...). It has several options
   to make selection criteria and to change the output style.

   It should compile under most unixes, tested are AIX, Linux, HP-UX,
   A/UX, SunOS, Solaris, (Free|Open|Net)BSD, MacOSX/Darwin, and others.

   Under AIX & Linux, pstree directly reads the process table using
   getproc()/getuser() or the /proc file system. Under all other
   Un*xes pstree reads the output of /bin/ps.

   If process group information is available, process group leaders
   are marked with a '=' instead of '-'.


   Take an ANSI C compiler, eg. gcc, and just enter

   $ [g]cc -O -o pstree pstree.c

   There is no Makefile. Have fun, Fred


   See pstree.c